Tally fee structure update

Hi everyone,

By now, you should have received an email about the upcoming changes to the Tally fee structure. Here’s a brief recap:

Firstly, we’re introducing a membership fee of £20 per annum that provides access to the Tally full-reserve banking and physical-asset money ecosystem. For those who prefer instalments, you can also opt to pay £2 per month in your Tally app profile section, but please note that the single annual payment of £20 is the default setting. Existing customers will have the fee waived for the first 12 months, as will any friends and family they invite to sign up for a Tally account.

We’re also simplifying the account keeping fee, moving to a flat rate of 1% p.a (calculated daily and charged monthly) to cover the ongoing security, storage, insurance, and operational costs associated with your account.

Whilst the new pricing model comes into effect immediately for new customers, existing customers will move across on May 9.

Please check your email for a full breakdown and further information.

Team Tally

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How many active customer do we have

As this is on the open section of the community please feel free to ask this in the shareholder Q&A shortly.