Attracting Younger Users


My 22yr Old Daughter opened a Tally account after I suggested I would use it as a savings vehicle for her.

She’s at University for 2 more years & I would like to encourage her to save once she leaves & starts earning.

I told her about being given Tally for each of her friends who also signed up, but she said she didn’t think people her age would, ‘ Dad, why would they’ ? Were her words.

It’s got me scratching my head because the free Tally for signed up users is something any student should be interested in.

Making Tally trendy for young people could be important.

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@Mozax You are on the the same page as us and we agree that attacking younger users to Tally is a must as it would benefit them in the future.
With the new app and new functions coming to the app it would appeal a lot more to the younger generation.

If you have any particular suggestions on this please share them.

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Unfortunately it’s not just youngsters. People are not educated at school, Uni or anywhere at any point on the benefits of saving in gold.
The whole system is geared around teaching people how to save in a bank and how to get credit and keep a good credit score by getting into more debt. Debt is what feeds the system and banks use peoples savings to risk on investments to make themselves money, ‘money’ saved in a bank account, is exposed to inflation gold is not.

I advised my niece to read or listen to this book, it’s easy going and easy to understand… Everyone should read it. It relates to all currency, not just the dollar.

“What Has Government Done to Our Money?: and The Case for a 100 Percent Gold Dollar” by Murray N. Rothbard

Get it here:


What about “savings only” Tally

This could only be set up by a main user to be on behalf of say a student/ relative/grandchild restricted to inward investment only (or imposed spend limits)

The account could act as an incentive and regular up dates posted to both main and saver!

Even if the price goes down savings could also be shown as the weight of the gold being held!



I hoping :crossed_fingers: they have implemented something along the lines of a suggestion I made a few months back which would show weight of tally held and encourage people to keep adding funds to reach goals.

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Hi Mozax.
See if you can get your hands on a book by one of our founders Ralph Hazell called “The Decentralised Renaissance” everything your daughter needs to know about money we use now and the reinvention of money, which is the main message of the book.

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@iceman Thanks for the mention of my book.

@Mozax Please email in to with your or your daughters postal address and I will send her a copy of my book!


Hi Iceman - thanks for the message, actually Ralph sent my daughter a signed copy of the book when she opened her Tally account, I’ve read it too, fantastic & insightful.

I thought that it was a really nice touch & my daughter was really impressed.

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Ralph - yes, thanks for sending out your book, a lovely surprise & a thoroughly interesting read.


We live in very strange times. One crisis away from meltdown of the monetary system. The global economy appears to be strong"ish" but only because of QE and monetary weakening.

While I’m principally invested in productive assets. I’ve started topping up my Tally account on a monthly basis - hopefully to remove some of the Gold / £ exchange rate. I really think this is the area where Tally will do well, if people can overcome the mindset of the daily fluctuations and accept that this is saving for the long term.