Product Q&A 6-7 pm Thursday 20th February

Hi all,

This month product Q&A will be at 6 pm on Thursday 20th February.

Welcome all Tally users to our product Q&A! We look forward to hearing your questions and suggestions!

Hi, I just joined up a few days ago. Would be interested to know how many accounts you have? (if that’s not commercially sensitive!)

It’s a little commercially sensitive at this stage. Over 1,000.

Hi Cameron. What features are in the pipeline for future updates?

Good Evening

Why is the App not working at the moment ?


Hi @Andy we are experiencing some technical issues at our end. We are busy investigating and we will update as soon as we have more information.

Hello Cameron . Will there be a direct debit facility on the tally account in the near future?

Yes. This is something we plan to set up in due course.

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Hi Rob. We’re constantly working on new features and product ideas. The next added functionality customers will see is an easier experience for referring friends, and enabling “safes” to be used like sub accounts from the customer’s main Tally balance for savings and budgeting (eg school fees safe, holiday safe, etc). Regards

Great thanks

What would happen if the company went bust - i.e. how safe are funds deposited?

Its in the T&C’S

We have protection in place for customers via a security trustee arrangement. If Tally Ltd or its operating subsidiary went bust, all customers’ tally gold will be ringfenced and promptly sold and 99% of the value returned to customers’ non-tally bank account. (the other 1% is used for the legal structure, mechanism and operation of the deed in that extreme event happening. More information on this is in our FAQ section of the website.

Thanks, that’s helpful

Is there any reason why the app is hidden in the app store and only shows when searching for tally or tallymoney? A simple fix using relevant keywords would help this app to show up when people search for banking or gold related app. I’ve posted about this but there’s been no response, surely it’s a simple, free, quick change to a few words that results in free advertising directly in front of eyes looking for banking apps or gold related apps in the store.


Hi @JonnyE it’s not hidden per se, it just struggles to rank against competitor products. Unfortunately ASO is not as simple as keyword optimisation. It is as much about downloads and reviews as it is about keywords. This is something that we continue to optimise and as we grow we will learn.

True, but none of the words used in the main keyword title and short description are relevant to basic searches. I’m pretty sure no one is searching for ‘more than money’

I’ve used numerous search phrases relating to banking, gold, investments, savings etc and tally is nowhere to be found in a list of 200 apps on any of them. It is only ever found using tally or tallymoney.