Faster payments

Customers who have downloaded the new app that was released on Monday, 27th January, will now be connected to faster payments for all GBP payments in the UK in and out of their Tally account.

We are finding that most payments are being processed successfully within two minutes. We do have a quarantine process for larger payments and for routine anti fraud transaction monitoring. Any payment that has been quarantined will be released or returned within 1 business day.


What do you consider a larger payment ?

Hi Andy - I’m sorry but we are unable to share our quarantine and transaction monitoring limits and methods. I’m sure you can understand this.

Is there a per day limit on transfers? . Other accounts I use have a 10k cap on transfers per day for example. Obviously would be good not to be limited by this. Also I would like to know if a transfer is quarantined that the rate at the time it was taken out is fixed and honoured. I wouldn’t want a quarantined payment to be affected by the POG

We do not have a limit on the amount you can send in to Tally or out. Quarantine of payments is in place to protect both us and our customers. To ensure that any large payments are passed through quarantine quickly, please transfer funds during office hours Monday to Friday, from the bank account that is in your name that you normally transfer funds to Tally from.
This is something that we will be speeding up and making more efficient over time.

Can you confirm about the tally rate that will be applied? Will it be at the point of transfer or the point that the quarantine payment is ‘released’

It will be at the moment that the quarantine payment is released.

Just to clarify that this is for payments into Tally. Obviously when you instruct a withdrawal your Tally is converted at the moment you make the instruction.