Jan Q and A

Hello Kris,

On one of your posts you stated that this session would be a product Q and A. Is this the case, as I have several questions on corporate governance I would like to ask ?

Also I am presuming that V2 must be released by the Q and A, or what is there product related to discuss other than further delays ?

When we say product this is anything about the product/website/updates but this is on the open side of the community. We are holding a Q&A on the shareholder side of the community as well and you can ask all your corporate questions.

V2 is very close to being released, I do not want to say it will be ready for the Q&A but it is a possibility. Either way, we want to continue the monthly Q&As on both sides of the community.

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I tried to invest like £5 to get the slice offer but how do I see that everyone’s complaining about Where’s my money kinda put me off lol like 80% of people intervention here’s about Where’s my money Where’s my funds as I had a bitter experience with something similar but was like gold btc lol prove to be a ponzi at the end they run with the money this looks dodgy too as no serious bank charges for keeping the money in their account the maintenance fee is rubbish as is no such thing anywhere and seeing that people losing their money here definitely put me off

Not really sure you understand the product here. It’s not a bank in the usual sense, though “serious banks” do charge fees, I pay far more in yearly fees to Barclay’s and santander for example.

Considering your buying and selling gold the fee is a bargain. 1% a year odd? After a 30% rise PoG in 6 months??

Think you may need to look at trading platforms fees to see what the charge per trade and see how it compares to buying an ETF for example.

I will have a go how much you need as minimum to deposit in order to activate your Master card?

There is no minimun amount. Just chose your card in the app.

No one’s money has gone missing and if they are unable to access the funds there is a number of reasons why this could be.
For your general understanding, banking regulations, which pertain to all transactions including things like payments in error through to fraud prevention and anti-money laundering provisions, can sometimes cause delays in resolving transactional issues. Tally is, as are all providers of banking services, required to follow these protocols, including our banking tech partners. We appreciate this can be very frustrating for the banking customer when a transaction does not complete as expected, but we are not permitted to disclose detailed information.

If you need anything please email support@tallymoney.com and I will be happy to help.