Updates to Tally

When is the APP to be updated , and what new features can we expect ?


@stix40 the new update to the app is close to being finished and will be launch soon.


Thanks Kris

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Hi Kris just a couple of suggestions for the new V2 app
1). Is it possible to change the colour of the transaction date and time to white instead of black as it is difficult to read against the grey background.
2) Not sure why but after having logged in to the account next time I look at my account sometimes I need to do full login and other times I just need to put in my pin number? Which is what I prefer to do.
Looking forward to the next version

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@Hovis thank you for your feedback and suggestions for the new app. I have passed these on to the development team and we are close to pushing the new app live.

Will the app V2 be showing the gold/tally price per ounce/gram for

Lowest, highest and average buy/deposit price

Lowest, highest and average Sell/withdrawal price

It’s a serious pain in the arse having to manually update a spreadsheet to try and keep tabs on what’s happening with my balance based on the current gold price compared to the fiat I’ve deposited. Having the info above, or at the very least, my average buy price, would at least give me a bit of info allowing me to determine if it is a good/bad time to deposit more or spend with the card.