Spac/Shell RTO

Hi all, unsure if this has been suggested/mooted or not but a possible future re-list could be through an RTO by an already listed company, like a cash shell there’s Pires, Conduity, Ridgecrest amongst a plethora of others. Has the board considered this as a way to get re-listed? @cameron-tally @ralphhazell


CP will do whatever makes him the most money, at the moment its draining the company dry

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no reply to your shareholders who are trying to help you escape from your self made hole Cameron?

when are we to relist, is it only a couple of months to go until the May '21 relist date you proffered in Summer 2020… or are we likely to have the can kicked once again?
of course the above is rhetorical, shareholders know the “process” by now !!


Sorry for the delay in getting back to you on this @aman_badboy wanting to confirm something with Cameron.

Cameron then came back to me with the following:

It is possible, but unlikely we’ll go down that route. It has definitely been discussed and considered, but an IPO is more appropriate for what Tally Ltd is bringing to market.

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@kris-tally this statement bothers me. The fact that the @cameron-tally ’the Company’ is still undecided whether or not RTO or IPO is the best route to go, tells me that you have no strategy and that no work has been done on IPO prep.

You have the six months of data now.