Beta testing

Hi tally, been testing the numerous updates that have been coming thick and fast the last couple months since I started testing…I’d just like to point out I appreciate all the Hard work that must go into these updates by everyone involved, I think your doing a stand up job regardless of where we are in terms of listing. I, like most people here have no idea how hard it must be trying to achieve what you r trying to do so thanks and keep up the good work it’s definitely appreciated from some :+1:


Lol … makes me laugh. Will I ever get my investment back?

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if you feel the need to reply with that! (post wasn’t aimed at you) then I think im entitled to reply…

give it a rest with that crap! if you’d invested what you can afford to lose (blatantly basic knowledge) then there’d b no need to constantly post the same drivel day in day out…yawn!


Thanks for taking the time to reply … not the greatest response I’ve ever had! Do you have any constructive or informed information rather than the empty reply you’ve given? My question remains the same

Super appreciated @Chrisk. All the team work incredibly hard behind the scenes. I’ll be sure to pass on your kind works to everyone in Team Tally :grinning:

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@Mitch if you email they will be able to help answer your questions and also provide you with access to the shareholder section of the community.

Please refrain from using the open or beta testing parts of the community for any share investment matters.