True value of Tally

I have seen a lot of negativity on the bulletin board and would like to share my experience as someone who has actually been using it as a (savings) bank account.

I initially placed £50 in the account when I first was able to open it as a beta tester. This occurred on the 27th March 2019.

Today’s value = £73.54 (100T = £4.77) +47%

Had I placed this amount in any of the leading banks the best return would have been circa 3% - This shows the true value of Tally, whilst I understand favourable conditions have been responsible for the returns I have seen - this truly is a fantastic was of investing in gold but having direct saving to spend it if the time arises. Personally I wouldn’t transfer all my banking to this card as I mostly use an Amex (points collector) but any saving I’m considering moving into my Tally account.

Congratulations @cameron-tally @kris-tally and team.


Yep but your invested when gold was about to go on a bull run. If you had invested in a bear market you would not be so chuffed.

Interesting to see what they have up their sleeve to keep Tally relevant when gold is not going up.

The value of gold can and very likely will drop back to 1,400 or 1,500 usd . oz once the hysterical media gives it a rest and people get back to normality. The current value of tally is as inflation hedged savings and convenient travel funds at interbank rates. I really don’t understand why this core message is not being rammed home with good marketing or PR (which should cost very little if done in house). Instead I see confusion about what this product is actually for. I hope this can be resolved asap or Tally just won’t get the user numbers to make a viable business.

Exactly, the situation is very circumstantial but the bull run is not going to stop for foreseeable future especially as tensions rise between the US and China.

Personally, I think they should be marketing this in house. I’m speaking positively about it whenever I can but really not going beyond that as I’m not being incentivised to do so. 1000T and I’ll happily spend an hour putting together some PR for social media and distributing it.
Monzo went crazy as they had a a young customer base and a unique selling point. Tally has that, just needs the app to have the same functions, customer incentive, ease of transactions between friends, split bills etc

Target these groups of people and you’ve got a massive customer base.

  • Sports teams for match fees and subs - 0% on transactions to build the customer base
  • Under 25’s who like to travel - Revolut/Monzo/Starling rival
  • Gold asset owners - typically high net worth individuals

Additional - get involved in bills/energy suppliers, partner with one of these companies to get added exposure --> OVO or Octopus perhaps?

How would bills/energy suppliers work? Suppliers have enough tissues hedging, without the volatility of gold added in to the mix.

As a payment method. If you can get a million customers signed up to a single method of payment, then you eradicate different banking methods etc. Not saying it’s an action to do today, just a method of expanding customer base away from conventional banking.

None of these are good targets for Tally. Most Tally account holders will be late 30s to early 50s, likely male and A-C social groups.

They need to do a viral marketing campaign based on protecting savings against inflation

they did a decent posting on you tube over a year ago, it hasn’t even had 2k views and has only 29 subscribers


That’s the problem. The current target market is not consumers is the investors, get people who are spending to start using it on a daily basis and it will sell itself.

Get the younger generation hooked and they will be life long customers.