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Approx 24 hours ago I sent funds to my tally account, from my business account which i have done before and have verified this account.

I received an email about 5 hours after i made the deposit asking where it came from, who sent it, what it was for etc. etc. even though i have previously verified my business account. I replied to the email within 10 minutes. I also asked questions on this email.

Nothing has happened, no reply, no deposit into my tally account, no refund of my deposit.

What is going on here? Whats the point of having an account in gold if a few thousand deposit takes days to appear (assuming it actually does at some point) The only use i have for this account is to easily transfer from fiat to gold and back again, the account is of no use as a daily account for the numerous reasons mentioned numerous times.

If the account is no good for daily use, and no good for transferring a few thousand… What exactly is it any good for?

As mentioned in a follow up email, if my deposit is too much hassle to process, just send it back and i’ll buy some physical gold, rather than all the hassle of trying to support tally.

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I have spoken with the accounts team and Saskia has come back to you on this matter, she has explained what has happened.

Sorry for the delay in getting this resolved.

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