Current deposit timescales

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What are the current timescales for depositing GBP into tally?

I deposited some into my tally earlier today and it’s not showing. With this being a manual process at present is there anyone working today or is it still the Xmas holidays?

It states in the buy tally page that the spot price of gold is set the moment the money hits the tally bank account, but in my experience it never is, it’s set at whatever time the manual process takes place. Obviously sometimes this can be a benefit of the price has fallen since but usually detrimental as prices are rising hence buying tally!

When can my deposit be expected in my tally account?


@b1gdeano At present all deposits are processed within 1 business day as these are carried out in batches through out the day. You will receive your deposit within the timescales, these will be made instant soon.

If you send an email over to we can help in more detail in regards to this.

Thanks Kris.

I was more trying to find out if this was a working day or if it was being treated as a holiday for this purpose. I can see the deposit now however so obviously it’s not a holiday


No problem. Glad you can see the deposit and if you need a thing else please do just email in and we will be able to help in more detail.

Any updates regarding instant deposits /withdrawals

As far as we know it’s coming with V2 of the app.

Thanks just thinking of trading gold on here not a lot just for an interest. Shares are not what I expected I find it like watching paint dry lol

These are coming with the new app and this is very close.


I’m also waiting for instant deposit and withdrawal. I won’t be using the card until this becomes available as also want to trial trading in gold on it. When is the new app due for release?

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