Community chat privacy

Are we able to provide some privacy to this website ? I’ve just loaded the website through my work computer and I am able to see all of the chats and also click on posters usernames and see their names.
I think this chat would be better behind closed doors if possible for Shareholders only


@Chipchop The community is for everyone to share thoughts and be involved in discussions, to do this you have to sign up. We have created a section only for shareholders to discuss anything corporate. If you do not wish your name to be shown, you can change this under your profile in preferences.

Hi kris where is the section for shareholders I can’t seem to find it? I’m sure it’s easy to navigate when u know how but first impressions is…it’s not that easy!

Your best or quickest route for access would be to email
You will have to provide proof of holding. I just sent a scan of my share a/c page.
They reply promptly…office hours of course.

All sorted thanks