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Hi Damon I can’t introduce myself

Thanks @David10brook this has now been updated.

When is the London event happening as I’d like to go and meet you all :blush:

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Anyone seen Pic ?


@Clarky The London event will be on 5th December and will be at Salisbury House, London Wall, London, EC2M 5QQ
If you are interested in attending please use the link below:

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Thanks Kris. I’ve signed up so see you there

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Hi Damon I trust you are well. Site seems to be going great guns. Help me here please I still can’t change my user name from davidgothier to David10brook which is what I use on my sites…can you kindly adjust this for me?

Thx David

@David10brook super pleased you are enjoying it. The community is getting some good traction :smiley:
To change your username. Click your avatar in the top right. Then click your username. You should see the below.

If you then click preferences you should be able to change your username.

@Clarky here is a link direct to the community - https://community.tallymoney.com

Hi all

hi Damon great progress being made all looking I good" lots of good sentiment building too.

I still can’t get the name change to work.

Best David

Hi David.Strange you’re having problems. Are you trying to change the David10brook screenname?

You should see the below when you navigate to preferences.