Could business who purchase products overseas

This may be a stupid question but could Tally be aimed at businesses who purchase products overseas? They are at risk of exhange rate movements unless hedged and therefore, purchasing products using the Tally mastercard could be of a benefit? Could you aim this service at say small businesses? Apologies if this is a stupid idea?

@stephend19722000 there is no such thing as a stupid question. At present Tally is only a B2C product but this is something in our road map.
I will pass on your feedback to the development team.

Hi Kris,

What happened to B2B2C?

@Carolwhiteshusband at the moment Tally is just B2C, we are working on B2B2C that is why I said it’s in the road map.

Could be another stupid question but why not look at getting a foothold in Soulth Africa and the gold recovery business. Plenty of opportunities there for those wishing to expand their minds and mines?