Tally app roadmap

Can tally give us shareholders a list of the items in their road map. Split by type ie, bugs to fix, UI improvements, features to add back in, new features to include.

The list could be created as a poll and emailed to shareholders so the shareholders who have had skin in the game for years and actually use it, or want to use the product, can vote on the priority of the items?

The new cards are great, but we had cards already and are not as important as being able to add an amount to send in £ rather than Tally.

Virtual cards are handy, but it would be more useful for statements to show £ values rather than just tally values.

Tally is tally, but it means nothing until converted into something people know, it would be more useful to show a conversion into grams and ounces, people can relate to that.

Hundreds of millions use Bitcoin for over a decade, but for example, 5,838,5738 satoshi means nothing to 99.9% of them. It’s exactly the same with a number of tally, it would be better to also be able see how many grams or oz the amount is. I look at my app and should basically be able to swap out the word tally for gold and see balances something like, for example, 6 oz & 4.3g of tally (=gold)

Very little is priced in bitcoin anywhere in the world and even if it is, there is always a currency conversion to fiat.

Nothing will ever be priced in tally, so why is the app not aligning itself with known amounts of gold so users can easier learn the connection rather than be confused by just having 1/1000th gram conversion, meaningless numbers in front of them.

Sorry, I digressed and started ranting again :joy:


@cameron-tally @kris-tally

A quick follow on about educating people on gold and therefore Tally.

This is the best book I have listened to that is a really easy to understand explanation of gold and money, its about 6 hours long and I always recommend people listen to it when i mention getting a Tally account, if they are clueless as to why they would want one.

Maybe you could contact Mises institute and include a copy with new sign ups, social media or to people who register an interest via the website.

Anyone who reads this book, will be interested in getting a tally account.