U.S. launch?

I am a jealous American living in Lis Angeles. Apple does not offer Tally app. Then read on available to UK residents. I am sure this would be a big hit in the United States of America and elsewhere. I am also sure all the U.S. regulators would not know what to do with this in the domestic U.S. but could not block U.S. citizens from using it elsewhere overseas. Hmmm.


“LOS Angeles” is also where GoldMoney set up its first U.S. marketing arm back in 2005+ or so. The West is more “liberated”. The East like “New York City” would feel “threatened”. Need a representative, smiles.

Hi @jebnew thanks for this. We do have plans to open up in other jurisdictions but we are carefully considering these. We’ll keep the community posted on this as and when we have more information.

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