Transferring funds

Why does transferring funds from the bank vary so much in timing before it gets to Tally.
I can transfer money to my Starling bank and it is there immediately, but from my legacy bank to Tally it takes so long at times why is this.


This is a very good question. I recall it being mentioned they were going to automate the deposit process, do we have a timescale on this yet?

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@b1gdeano @iceman At present deposits and withdrawals are carried out in batches through out the day. We are working on getting these made instant, there is a lot of this to happen in the background for this to work but this is very close.


It would seem that payments in using FPS is pretty instantaneous but payments out are taking up to 2 days. Any reason for this?

No problem for me same day transfer into my Starling Account every time.