Glints demise, will it be in our favour?

Hi as glint is one of our nearest competitors would them going into administration benefit us or would it make customers wary?? Please can management share their thoughts on this. Thanks


We want to reach a mass consumer market and therefore we see our competitors as the challenger banks such as Monzo, Revolut and Starling.
Our customers receive their own individual banking account (not pooled accounts with top up prepaid cards) which will shortly be connected to UK faster payments that will then mean customers can set up direct debits and use Tally as primary bank account.
We will shortly be releasing the details of our security trustee arrangement, which will mean that in case of Tally going into administration 99% of the value in customers accounts will immediately be returned to them.



Thanks for that update, I can hopefully, very shortly, ditch my Nat West no 2 account !

( they haven’t really bothered to make it an enjoyable experience!)

Good riddance!


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Let’s hope you never have to use the security trustee though! :flushed:

Thanks for the response Ralph and very good to hear… definitely exciting times ahead. Glad to be onboard. However would be good to get an update on our assets I.e. gold mines? Also if they could confirm that the relist is on target still. Personally if it meant we had to wait to get the figures right then so be it… but in the past we have missed deadlines and only been issued with updates after the deadline dates. This obviously doesn’t sit well with us shareholders and doesn’t bode well with future dates. Many thanks in advance

I’ll have to pass you over to @cameron-tally for an update on gold-mine assets.

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can you please make sure you post about shareholder details under the shareholder closed area within the community.

If you do have access please email over your shareholdings to to gain access.

Does that mean we take possession of physical gold?

I like Tally, but no one is going to use Tally as their primary bank account, not the way the gold price has been moving around the last few years.

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