Global remittances!

This may have been released before, but still an interesting watch!

Maybe, a Tally option in the future!



Actual figures minus China and Russia (because China doesnt share and Russian figures arent reliable) is over 70 Billions USD Market.

This is the only reason why I got involved in Lionsgold in the first place.

It will come true, we need to get behind Crowd Funding first and foremost. Step by Step dedicated work will yield far more. There will be some challenges, I can name a few main ones but lets focus on Crowd Funding.

I believe and understand that if we go big on Crowd Funding and we succeed then most of the other hurdles will get diminished.

Crowd Funding not only gets us the funding, it gets us customers, which itself is free marketing and itself proves the demand.

Once demand is proved then Tally will not have to approach other institutions in foreign countries for transfer ability - or through Railsbank.

I believe Tally can standup on its own legs, it can be a big entity by itself. Dedicated focused work will get us there.


Absolutely 110% agree brown! Transferring dosh here there or wherever is what tally should be all about. Seize competitive advantage from the likes of western union etc using just an app and not a physical shop. Massive market potential. Be a shame to let it go to waste. There’s nothing out there so come on tally.