Am I just thick, or missing something?


Is it just me, not being able to find the option to switch from tally to £’s when trying to transfer from my tally account to another person with a tally account?

In the last version of the app, when i wanted to send tally to another tally account holder I could choose to input the amount in £’s, now there is no such option (or if there is I can’t see it) in this new version, if i want to send, for example £18.42 i have to do this sum in my head (assuming 100 tally = £5.07)

£18.42 ÷ 5.07 × 100, then input 363.31 before the rate changes.

I know the £ amount shows under it, but that is of no use at all.

A mate recently tried to send me £200, he ended up sending me £203.36 as thats the closest he could get as life is too short, to do calculations the app should, and did do before.

Things like this make this app even more unusable and just give people a bad user experience, so they simply dont use it.

The new version is quicker and smoother, but is currently less useable than the last version and it has also carried over all the same bugs from the last version.

Yes, i moan about this app a lot, but it is justified, and i only moan about it because I want it to succeed and i want to be able to use it more, its now even less useable than it was before.

Im glad the CGT is being added, thats one thing positive and i look forward to seeing it, that will make it useable as a saving account even if i cant use it for a spending or sending account.


Yes before you had the option of the two Tally or ££ I now only have the ££ option. Not sure if this is any help to you but I am sure you are not doing anything wrong.

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Do you have the same issue paying non tally accounts @JonnyE?
I can only send money to non tally accounts in £. I dont know anyone that has a tally account so i haven’t tried that yet.
Seems weird that tally to tally wouldnt be in £s as well.
@kris-tally should this be the case that tally to non tally you send in £s but tally to tally is not in £s?

@JonnyE @Rob @Andy

Tally to Tally transfers currently you can only put the tally amount and the GBP value shows underneath but this is something I have raised with the team already and they are going to put back the witch like it had in the old app. Sending out funds to non-Tally accounts is only in GBP.

@JonnyE it’s not moaning, we look at it as feedback and we listen to both good and bad so please do continue to share this with us.


Ok thanks @kris-tally.

I’ve a few birthdays coming up, its a shame tally devs aren’t qualified enough, or can’t be bothered to add back in the ability to input a £ amount which converts to a tally number, same as i cant be bothered to get a calculator out just to use this app for its intended purpose.

It’s a poor show and like many other things with this app, very annoying and makes it un useable.

I’ve got another few people to set up a tally account recently, but im not going to bother anymore until they can be bothered to add back in basic functions, and fix numerous bugs that have set up home in it for about four years.

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@JonnyE the £ amounts being added to statements was part of the app update. If you have downloaded a statement before it might be holding the old version which does not show them, please try and download a statement and let me know if this does not show correctly.

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I’m talking about a transfer. On birthdays i usually give an amount of tally, say £40 but now ive no idea how to transfer £40 because i can only input an amount of tally, unless i use a calculator and do it quick enough before the gold exchange price changes.

Can you tell me, straight off the top of your head, how many tally = £36.35 ?.. Of course you can’t, no one can, that’s why the app is now of no use when trying to pay someone a specific amout of £’s

I appreciate cameron thinks everyone needs to learn to use this new tally currency, but it’ll never happen, its fine to see how many thousands of tally there are in a few £, but it just makes the app unusable expecting people to calculate in their head the amount of tally at the price of gold, to equal an exact amount of £’s and pence that they want to send.

And to you point about the statement being updated, all it said on the last update in google play store is

What’s new

  • Card issuance note

If I want to send £10 to my bank account I just put in £10 and it comes up with the tally equivalent. Or am I missing something from your question to Kris?

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Andy, are you sending to someone with a tally account or from fiat to fiat bank?

I’ve promoted this to nearly all family and friends, so they have a tally account, so i am trying to send tally to a tally account. The conversion used to be an option so i could input either an amout of tally, or switch it to input an amout of pounds, which the app would then convert to tally. It doesnt do that any more, so now i need a calculator or the brain of sheldon cooper. Or just not bother with all the hassle and just use a normal bank account.

Whats the point of having people you know use a tally account, if they make it impossible to use it to send a specific amount of pounds and pence to eachother, like everyone else in the UK can and does with every other bank account

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I can only assume, I’m thick and can’t work the app, the app doesn’t work as it should, no one at tally actually uses the app, or they are all Intelligent mathematicians and so it doesn’t jump out as an issue that needs fixing. :man_shrugging:

I am sending from my Tally account to my own personal uk bank account.

@Andy Yea, thats fine because you are sending to a fiat bank, £ conversion in tally account to a fiat £ bank account. I can do that.

But, if you are sending to someone with a tally account then you are forced to work out the conversion in your head, youll get the pound conversion under the tally figure you put in, but thats no help as you have to keep deleting the amout of tally and guess the next nearest amount hoping the conversion shows the exact amount in £ that you want to send. If you dont have endless amounts of time to play this stupid game of guess the correct amount then you’ll never be able to send the correct amount.

Try it yourself the other way round. Put the correct amount pounds and pence into the amount to send to your bank, so the tally conversion under it equals exactly 324,545 tally.

Time how long it takes and let me know :joy:

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I see what you mean now if I want to sent money to a safe you have to play the guess the amount of Tally game.

I am sure before if you wanted to put £347.89 in to a safe you had two options ££ or Tally.

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Cool, im glad you can see what i mean now.

Hopefully someone at tally will download and try the app themselves, so they can see all the problems and bugs and finally get them all fixed… Hopefully before I totally give this up as a bad job, and move on until I can sell my shares. At this rate tally is decades away from where it should be right now.


@JonnyE ok I understand what you mean now, sorry I misunderstood.

This is being worked on to have a switch but at the moment I do not have a time frame for this.


Kris, thanks for the reply, and i know its not your department, but what is going on there. Seems there are too many things being worked on and none are being checked or finished. Having lots of half hearted, half finished jobs is not a great business plan, who is going to touch a B2B webapp from tally, if they’ve already tried their updated premium teco platform with 5 years of ‘improvements’ and it’s still impossible to send a specific pound denominated amount to another tally account?

It was already an option before the ‘upgrade’ to the teco app. Most of the bugs have carried over to the ‘improved’ app, but the most basic requirement to use the transfer tally to another tally account has been lost, and isn’t returning any time soon by the sound of it :man_shrugging::man_facepalming:


Having a digital account that holds gold, is secondary to holding the physical metal.

The expected pros to a digital gold account:

1.Being able to make transfers easily.

  1. Knowing if i am up or down on my holdings which gives me the choice of deciding to spend from this account or just hold it.

  2. Being able to see how much gold i am holding in a denomination the whole world is familiar with, ie ounces and grams

  3. Searching transaction history and other basic banking app uses.

  4. Being able to see the CGT implications of digital gold.

Cons of a digital gold account:

  1. Ongoing monthly fees
  2. Capital gains tax
  3. It’s inside the banking system
  4. Will be subject to inheritance tax
  5. Personal data is collected on all transactions and numerous third party data harvesting.
  6. Numerous counter party risks

When using something like tally, I and other people will weigh up the pros and cons to decide if its something they want to use.

Tally, currently, has all of the cons above but none of the pros, in my current opinion.