Gold price

Anyone think the gold price is being manipulated down recently.
The present low price seems contradictory to other investments such as stocks & bitcoin which have hit record levels.
The gold price also seems to contradict all the “experts” predictions that gold should be at record highs as well.
I listened to one prediction the other day that the gold price should be hitting parity with the Dow !

I doubt it. As with any market there are fluctuations but with unprecedented dollar printing by US (25% increase in money supply in 2020) the trend is pretty certain.

Thanks for the input

If you check price charts for Au & Ag you will see that there is a gradual price rise over time which is then smashed down some days usually around 6am EST. It looks like climbing the stairs then falling down a lift shaft. It is blatent manipulation carried out by major US banks at behest of US Treasury to minimise gold’s position as a tier 1 asset and maintain the dollars credibility as the world’s reserve currency. The fraud has continued for years and the banks involved have been fined millions but no one goes to jail and the fraud is allowed to continue on the paper futures market, Comex, where millions of ounces of metal are traded on paper but hardly any is physically delivered. It is called naked short selling. Despite the manipulation gold price has risen compared with fiat currency loss of purchasing power and still is a good place to store value. I hope this answers your question.

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Very informative.
Thanks very much.