Press interviews 2022 onwards

Credit to the poster JONNO100 on LSE for finding and sharing this on the forum t’other day.

Thought perhaps worth making a thread so we can share any relevant media interviews and mentions.


Might be better to have someone interview and talk about gold, that is actually aware of the difference between Money and currency.

They use the two words in this paragraph in exactly the opposite and wrong way round.

“With gold being such a different currency, many Britons may be sceptical about whether it is a practical option to consider when trying to make their money go further.”

This is the hurdle Tally faces when trying to educate people who have been taught this from childhood.

They should promote the book, ‘What has government done to our money’ its an easy read and changes the way we are programmed to think about money and fiat currency.

Fiat, meaning something that is done by force of authority.


Why can’t Tally publish articles on Gold and currency like Glint does within the App itself.