Gold stats

Here’s an interesting stat for Tally to share on social media.

In Feb 1972 the average UK property costing £6,282.29, could have been purchased with 340 oz of gold.

Today, 50 years later, you could purchase the average UK property costing £274,712.00 with 197 oz of gold.



Meanwhile we can’t buy anything with our Lionsgold shares!!


facts and more facts…I dont see how anything is going to change in the upcoming Q&A, like some magic wand is going to be waved and Abracadabra RELIST

Hi Vanessa it is obvious that you have not kept up with the community as you would be aware that Lionsgold shares do not exist and are now called Tally Limited Ord NPV hopefully your broker would have advised you of the name change.
The shares will be listed this year ASAP. Do you have a Tally debit card or a Tally safe or even a Tally 2% savings account? I have a Tally debit card and a Tally safe and I have used my card on numerous occasions with only a few minor problems, so far after using it for over 2 years my balance has increased by £1,500 once people understand the value of Tally then it will take off exponentially.
I like most people sold some AIM shares to buy into what was Lionsgold years ago today the shares I sold out of are worth 1/3 of the price they were.


I am fully aware thank you! Whether I call them Lionsgold or Tally they are still worth nothing until the “ up and coming” relist…

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Another interesting stat , if you’d bought £6282 of tally shares in 2017 today they’d be worth sweet FA,