London event

Hi all,

Our London event will be on 5th December and will be at Salisbury House, London Wall, London, EC2M 5QQ

If you are interested in attending please use the link below:


What time please Kris if known?

@Rob the event will run from 6pm until about 8pm.


Have just booked my seat for the presentation!

Can management please ensure there are non alcoholic drinks also available for us drivers!!



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@Pinecone We will have non-alcoholic drinks for the non-drinkers on the night.

Thanks Kris

Wouldn’t want any mishaps on way back home !


Won’t be able to attend. At the other end of the country graduating with a masters in renewable energy. Hopefully can make it to the next one. Can I send one of my colleagues in my place?

Hi mkx007

Good luck with your studies!

Keep an eye out for “Redt energy!”



Sorry to hear you are unable to attend but totally understand and wish you all the best with your studies.

Yes you can send you colleague as the event is open to everyone interested in Tally. If you just get them to sign up to the event they will have their own ticket.

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My ticket on Eventbrite only says ‘interested in attending’?? I’ve done it all properly so why does it say that? Any ideas please

Not sure why it still says that as we have updated all the details for this. Let me look into this and I will come back to you.

@Clarky I have looked into this and it was just the description of the ticket, I have jus got this changed to say “Attending”. Please let me know if this shows up on your ticket.

Hi Kris. No it still says the same.

That is odd as it has now been changed. I can confirm you are on the list of people coming so no need to worry.

Also, if anyone else has the same problem these will be valid tickets on the day even if they say “interested in attending”


Will we be scanned in …to get in ?


@Pinecone Yes we will be scanning people in and checking details.

Thanks, can therefore leave the details as shown in the email link sent by organisers!


Not sure if I’m being thick but that eventbrite is a fkn joke! Can someone tell me the time of the meet up at Salisbury house as I can’t find it anywhere even tho I have a frickin ticket!!???

Hi Chrisk

It’s from 6 till 8 pm!

Looking forward to updates!