I am really confused, I have just signed up to Tally as requested by a friend… they said something about sending links to friends email to earn £8.09? Am I getting myself muddled? If I am not… what do I need to do please?

Thank you.

Login to your tally app, click on invite a friend, add your friends email, click send invite. Your friend uses the link you sent to sign up and when they complete it you both get 200 tally added, fiat amount depends on gold price at the time. Invite as many as you like and get 200 tally for each one.

its 100tally which is about 8quid at the moment but this fluctuates with the price of gold, every time you get someone to sign up you both get 100Tally added for free.

100 tally = £4.08
1 gram gold = £40.80

Inviting a friend gets you 200 tally which is approx £8.16 depending on gold price at the time.

Unless the 200 has recently changed to 100 then you will get 200 tally as I have done numerous times.

Opening your app will show you how much 100 tally is worth, it’s under the balance.

Just managed to get a friend to sign up. His welcome email says you will receive 0 free tally worth £0. ? ? ? Is this promo still on?

Hi all,

The free Tally when referring a friend has been removed at the moment but will be brought back in time. However, anyone who was invited before the change will receive the offer in their invite email, we are working through all referrals and depositing these manually at the moment so please bear with us.

Sorry for the delay in this and we thank you for your patience.

Hi Kris

It would have been highly professional to have emailed/contacted everyone to let them know you guys were dropping the introductory bonus!!

I’ve just taken a couple of colleagues for a pint, paid with my Tally card and sung the praises of Tally.

I pointed out that if I signed them up we’d all have a few free beers on Tally!

If they sign up over the next few days and there’s no 200 free Tally I’m going to look like a lying *ick.

Please let me know what the current position is so I can tell them & I don’t look like some sort of scammer.


Hi Kris, when was this “change”? Can you state a date on this one please? Why wasn’t this taken down on the app? Is this before the price of gold spiked? Maybe state in the T&C’s if gold hits £xxx then the free Tally will be disabled? Terrible communication again.

Hi Kris,

There have been a few issues with comms, that suggest the guys who are working on Tally are not using the platform themselves - can you confirm that all those employed by Tally are using it?

I am also disappointed not to see @JonnyE recommendation on making Tally easier to search on the App Store apparently not taken up with any seriousness, albeit it is a ten minute exercise. @damon-tally

Added to the above the late roll out of the V2, and the several technical issues with use of the card and the account, it is all starting to look like a nightmare for those on the outside looking in - small team or not.

@Mozax We sent out an email to all the people who invited someone and the inviter and we have just checked our system as we thought an email had been scheduled to be sent to everyone in the data base as well but it has did not get sent. Thank you for bring this up and it will be sent manually in the next hour.

If you sent any invite to someone the offer they received in this email will be credited after they signed up.

@Tinktally The offer was stopped on Friday 21st February. In the app the free 200 Tally is no longer available but you can still invite people. It was not down to the gold price and in our T&C’s we state we can change an offer at anytime.

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@Carolwhiteshusband I can confirm that everyone in the office is using Tally.

Hi Kris, so Ronald signed up after my sales pitch!

Do we get a few Tally as discussed?

Furthermore, I tried to send him some Tally but even with his ID ECA146 it said user not recognised?

Maybe it takes a day or two for a new user to be ‘on-boarded’.

Please confirm both points.

Thank you

@Mozax I have checked and can see the invite was sent after the offer changed so no Tally will be debited as the offer is over.

We have a screening process when opening account and applications can go through random manual checks which can take some time but normally an update is given within 2-3 business days at present.

I’m actually shocked by that answer, if I’m honest. I think you can tell a lot about people and companies by decisions like this. Irrespective of when the referral actually took place, there was no warning of any cancellation and I read about it here before receiving an email, you say it was cancelled on the 21st but I got an email on 26th. I appreciate the company can change things as they wish but this could have been handled far better. The pocket change referral amount could have been honoured just as a good will gesture to a share holder and referrals honoured up to the point the email was sent out but this decision has given me a bad feeling about it and I’m not even involved. Customer service will make or break this company and that’s not a great start.


@JonnyE Within the app, the offer was removed when this was done. All referrals will be honoured that have been sent out before the 21st. If the person was sent the invite before the 21st but signed up after they will be credited.

As stated in a comment above to @Mozax, We sent out an email to all the people who invited someone and the inviter and we checked our system as we had an email scheduled to be sent to everyone in the database as well but it did not get ushed by the system. That was why you only received the email on the 26th, we agree that this was not ideal due to the information not being received on the day of the change.

My point is though… If I’d have been telling people about it after the 21st and before 26th when I got the email we would both have been expecting it, my app didn’t receive an update as far as I’m aware and I wasnt checking every day to see if the referral had been removed because there was no reason to as we hadn’t been told is was going to end. Reading about it on this forum aside, the first I knew about it was on the 26th.

Do we need to check daily, things like charges and subscription percentages? as I’m assuming the company can change them at their pleasure too and then inform us about a week later.

All I’m saying is from a users point of view this wasnt handled very well and doesn’t promote a good customer / company relationship. Annoying people this way will lose users quicker than its gaining them.

From a shareholders point of view i would not be happy about it at all , for the sake of a few quid. It’s the principle not the money. I’m not having a dig at you personally but i hope the company handles things better in the future for all our sakes.

Yes, I’m shocked too. Very.

So, due to a ‘system error’ you failed to tell the very people who are Still out there trying to help build your Company by encouraging new users to sign up.

These new users ( my friends) will deposit their funds so the Company can charge them a monthly fee.

Ignoring the fact that I’m spending my cash buying beer for my pals paying with MY Tally to tell them the Tally story!!

The principle of this Has cheesed Me off sufficiently to consider repatriating my Tally funds to Fiat and closing my account.

Charges and subscription percentages are set as they are but as stated in the T&Cs we state that offers can be changed at any time. Agreed not great the email did not go at the same time to everyone.

When I click on invite friends in the app for some reason the app crashes