Is Tally working on an affiliate programme, banners and any other means of people being able to help promote this product?

If not, why not?


Well from what I have seen on linked in there was a post today with 2 likes if that’s counted!?

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Hi @JonnyE we will continue to scale paid activity this year, building on the small scale we are currently doing. We will also continue to add to our partnership program - amongst many other things on our marketing plan. Happy New Year.

Sounds to me like we won’t be listing at all THIS YEAR! Cameron with a statement like that…why can’t you start naming months? Now you’re talking in years!

Easy touch to keep selling assets Cameron, tell me something…the so called assets with limited leaseholds…have the leaseholds been extended or are they still limited to the contracts!?

Because that will be one of the the reasons they aren’t worth anything Cameron

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If only Tally wasn’t so hidden, they might have gained some of these customers…


Absolutely agreed Jonny.
@cameron-tally @kris-tally, if the app has been reworked and can now handle more customers why is this not being promoted everywhere to encourage more customers/users.
It just seems to be sat in the abyss happily not attracting new business.


Nothing has been done to rectify it either Jonny even now the tech is supposed to be on par…this is death by a thousand cuts for us long term suffering shareholders…draining the company coffers

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