Suggestions for new app features

I have no idea if I’m doing this right…

Do you know when the app will be updated as has been talked about with the safe etc?

It will be good to discuss possible new features and get initial feedback from others but would be better to see what the new update brings first and then go from there.


@JonnyE we are close to releasing the new app.

We love to hear all feedback and ideas that you all have so please feel free to share them with us.

Will there be any chance of using fingerprint login with Tally App .


Hi @stix40
To answer your query, we already have FaceID and TouchID on iOS. Are you referring to Android? :thinking:
If so we’re looking into this. It’s on the roadmap for us to release. We just have larger priorities.

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Just thinking out loud here but I reckon the reward system for attracting new sign ups would be better suited to existing account holders having an individual promo code to dish out as opposed to emailing you mates. Ive emailed 2 invites. With a code I could reach out to hundreds on what’s app groups. This is the Uber system of referral which I know has worked massively well for free taxi rides (riders sharing promo codes for new app downloads) and a fiver for a driver to refer their code. Just a thought.


Imagine a promo code going round halls of residence for a free 200 tally


There’s a guy on youtube that used to promote glint with a promo code, he’s big on gold and big against fractional reserve banking and central banks, he’s the sort of person that would promote it with a code on his youtube videos but wouldn’t be able to with the current way of doing things because he doesnt have email addresses for all his viewers. Maneco64 is his channel.

I’ve put a few comments mentioning Tally on his videos, maybe tally should approach him, he seems like a decent guy that would be responsive to it.

Some good points made here. Some people have the capability of reaching a wide audience (like the YouTube guy mentioned above could earn a small fortune) & why stop there, this could spread like wildfire if shared and distributed through social media… Facebook, Twitter, insta, and so on, a promo code has better potential

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Like he promoted GLINT that went a bit pear shaped although he did high light the fact on his video. That would be my big worry if Tally went under.
Goldex has made a big play on the fact they do not own any Gold of their own.

I don’t think it was his fault they went bust haha. More to do with the old story, directors bleeding the UK company dry and sending it bankrupt then focusing on the US company which had a cash injection, see how long it take before they bleed that dry and wind it up.
Hopefully tally will be a bit cleverer than that and grow the business to make money, just need to be totally transparent and show audits, insurance documents and trustees details to set themselves apart from the dodgy likes of glint. That’s what people want to see to trust them.


Hi JonnyE. I attach no blame to Maneco64 I watch all of his videos, but it just goes to show that even experts can get it wrong, so Tally must be utterly transparent in it`s operations with their customers.


I know, I was only joking :grin:

Yea, I totally agree with you.

I’ve just received a notification on android, unlike notifications from other apps, I’m unable to expand the ones from tally so I can’t read it all. All I could see was “we are aware” when clicking on the notification it just opens up the tally app, when I put in my pin to go into my account there’s nothing to see.

Is this a bug that is being fixed for the new update as it’s quite annoying and makes the notifications basically useless when they could be extremely useful.


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Hi, my first post here :slight_smile: The same happen to me and not the first time.

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Hi @JonnyE and @Andy we have plans to role out a notification centre in-app. When a user interacts with the push notification it will take them to a full view of the notification.

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Can we still expect the update in november?

Hi @JonnyE we are really getting close. We want to spend the next couple of weeks making sure it’s absolutely water tight before we push it out to all our users. We just sent an email to all users to explain.

Just got the email, the images look interesting. Looking forward to the update :+1:

I don’t currently use my card much as I prefer to get rid of fiat and keep gold but having used it recently the notifications seem to have improved, It showed what I’d just spent and the total spend for that day, which is great, but it’s only in tally. I appreciate tally is the currency and the idea is to get people used to the cost of things in tally, but not having the fiat conversion (if only for the total spend that day) is a bit like trying to learn Chinese symbols with no translation next to them.



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Hi one of the big selling point of the card is how much profit you can achieve and this may help to persuade new card users. This could be achieved by totaling the Tally purchased minus the Tally spent converted into pounds at the moment I do this using a spreadsheet.