Send funds to tally not received money

I’ve send £410 into tally and haven’t receive my money why is this

I’ve sent £510 today and not received yet however outgoing payments are still crediting instantly

Been waiting like 5 hrs … it’s a joke

Anything gone in for you yet mate?

Nope mate

Still nothing mate

I suspect it may be to do with urgent maintenance being carried out this weekend as all users were asked to not use their debit cards this weekend. Im sure we will hear more tomorrow.

I saw that email but wasn’t sure if that would disrupt incoming payments. Thank you for the reply

Has anybody got their money yet

Nothing from money deposited to Tally account on Saturday morning

Is it a maintenance issue

No idea, no reply to emails either

They only reply if you give them a bit of grief as they don’t like it. Just be a little more abusive and you’ll get some defensive statement back :joy:

Money in and out ok for me.
Just used my card on Amazon no problems.
Just the payee problem to solve now.