Social Media

Hello - I am just wondering why the Tally Twitter account has fallen silent? Surely this would be the best possible time to promote Tally, so it seems odd that you are not doing so.

@Carolwhiteshusband this will be back to normal today it was just due to setting up remote work spaces and making sure everyone had access to all the platforms needed.


I Totally agree, why are Tally not out there Marketing this product.
As a shareholder its really frustrating having to explain to friends whom travel about there options.
Right now is a brilliant time to catch the Market.
Why and when is your Marketing strategy going to start and what can we expect?

@Ct123liam all this has been explained within the shareholder section of the community, which you can gain access to by emailing

We are following a marketing plan and we are carrying out targeted marketing to see which works best with different audiences.