A few mock ups 😁




Great stuff. Though did you mean above the highest paid price in the second one?

Almost 4% below it would surely be a red thumb?:wink:

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Thanks, @JonnyE a lot of hard work and thought gone into that. So wonderful to have someone in the community who is designing conceptual thinking. If you’re keen on UX design, take a look at Figma and Marvel. We use these in house for prototyping.

It would be great to understand what your need is for features like these so we can design solutions.

Yea, I noticed I hadn’t changed that wording correctly after uploading it… good spot :face_with_monocle: :grin:

Could you not add a feature, that shows how much you are saving when an adjustment for inflation is taken in to account ?

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Thanks Damon, I’ll have a look at those, design is not my area of expertise but I dabble in the very basics now and then for my own use. Sometimes it’s easier to show something than describe it when trying to get ideas across.

I don’t expect to see the features but having this info in the app would be ideal and there are lots of interesting Bolt-on’s that could come from these basic figures to make the whole tally banking experience more engaging, interesting and addictive.

I was just imagining how it would be to pay with the card in a group of people and seeing a thumb pop up on notification, and saying Tally-ho (something that’s already been mentioned in the forums as it’s quite catchy) the group would ask what I was talking about which would be a conversation starter about the account… So I made that mock up on the transaction info just to see what it could look like.

The beauty of this account linked to gold is that features like these can’t be copied by fiat banks, but of lot of the features on fiat banks can be integrated into tally. People seem love all this sort of thing these days so I was just trying to think outside the box a bit.

I am certain that features like these would get noticed, talked about and written about because the whole tally banking product would be a learning experience for those that currently don’t think about money and how it works in relation to gold, silver, effects if inflation, purchasing power over time etc… These sort of features make people take notice and think about things.

That’s the way I think about it anyway. :slightly_smiling_face: