Is there any plans to be able to pay in physical cash into our accounts ?


I’m sure that it may not be possible due to “money laundering “ issues!

But… if there was a way a retailer could be paid to …issue “cash” to customers who are currently running out of locations to get their “local”cash for local needs!

So, a Tally account holding savings in Gold could be an alternative to a bank account for the growing number frustrated at the demise of the ATM’s!


Hi pinecone

Starling bank do it via the post office so wondered if the same arrangement could be made?

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Wouldn’t the retailer want commission for such a trade? I thought the whole idea was to not use cash and just the benefits and security of the Tally card?

Hi Micheal

Yes, for us it’s straightforward to use a card, but some are not able or want to commit fully to a cashless life.

Often it’s the odd times you need “ cash “ to pay for a daily paper, pocket money, grandchildren presents, small tips, cash is still preferred!

Some like to have their monthly cash separated into there allotted “tins” so they don’t overspend!

Retailers would have a regular supply of customers, who would then shop locally and at times buy goods or services after such good service!