Good app but some ideas


Just recently opened an account with you guys and looking at making this as much of a main account as possible.

I opened an Easy Access Safe but didn’t notice any way of setting up a recurring monthly payments into it, is this something on the roadmap for features?

Also Some sort of dark theme will go really well with the gold, also like your cards you’ll get two options, white or dark.

I did read somewhere about Direct Debits and such, is this something that’s still planned?

Thanks for all the hard work you do



Hi Avery,

Currently, you will need to make the transfer monthly to your Easy Access safe manually.

Having direct debits is still something we plan to have but we have no time frame on this as yet.

I will pass on your feedback about the dark theme to the product team, personally, I would prefer it as well.

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Just a personal choice in the App.
I would like to see on opening the App the actual value of my holdings in bold text rather
than my gold holding, I think it would make a bigger impact to see the actual money value of the holding.


After the recent bug fix update.

I don’t know if it’s just me, but when filling in the amout and ref when sending to my bank account, both fields have invisible text, fortunately I can check what I’ve filled in on the confirmation page before sending.

As for all the other bugs that have been there for years, they are still there.

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Not great. I appreciate that Tally has a small team, but bugs that have been an issue for a long time really should be ironed out by now.