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I had another issue yesterday regarding unauthorised payments using my card. This happened several weeks ago and I was eventually reimbursed. I am becoming nervous using my contactless card. Has anyone else had similar issues?

Hi Damon

Just downloaded the latest update… transaction list is slow to load again xs not as bad as it was last time but not as quick as it has been.

The biggest issue though, is when putting in my pin to enter the app, it shows the numbers rather than *

Can we have a Tally of payments in and out !
I don’t want to have to scroll all the way through and tot up payments in and out , to work out where I am at .
Simple Statement payments out and payments in last month etc , you did have similar at the beginning !

Revolt has started providing offers and exclusives to its customers via its app. I think if Tally could do something similar and offer exclusives or promotions of genuine value that makes being a Tally customer “pay for itself” then that could make Tally a more attractive proposition. Currently it appears to some to be a rather expensive way to have exposure to gold. I think my most hated comment was using Tally as primary bank account. No one is going to do this and it makes me worry about muddled marketing.

I would like to have not just a GBP bank account number but also a NZD, AUD, USD bank accounts as I use them often and would be good to transfer direct to/from them into Tally. Would also allow me to suggest to friends and family in those countries that they get and use Tally also.
Also would like a feature where I can have different accounts in Tally (chequing account, savings accounts etc as a way of dividing up day to day spending from long term savings)

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Oh and joint Tally accounts

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