Not a positive comparison. No sparkling wine holds the same prestige and value of Champagne. Its like saying brass is giving gold a run for its money.

Sorry to sound negative but it’s a weak campaign

Have I missed something? Did this come in on an e-mail, or is it on Twitter? Where Tally does most of its promo.

Suggestion for Tally: If you’re not signed up to the cult of Twitter or X or whatever it’s calling itself now (and no I’m not a technophobe fuddyduddy), it seems that one cannot even VIEW Twitter as once you could. Old Elon looks to have ringfenced the entire place for members eyes only. So any promo is only going to be seen by the faithful.


I have to agree with @GreennGold here and I wouldn’t consider myself a technophobe fuddyduddy either.
Twatter? Farcebook? Or any of the other ‘social media’ sites…steer clear…such time wasters.
@Tally If you need anyone to post leaflets though doors I’m available at my end of the country! :joy: or get the post-person delivering some…they’re not doing much these days.
A good old fashioned direct mail campaign - that is whet’s needed when the time comes :+1: