Tally Up Yours! - new creative campaign released

Hope everyone is safely celebrating VE Day.

Today Tally is launching its new ‘Up Yours’ creative campaign as a form of protest against being locked in the incumbent banking paradigm (combined with Tally’s cheeky optimism). It’s important in these times of unlimited QE (£650 billion has been added to the money supply in the UK thus far, diluting the value per pound) that people are able to ‘vote with their feet’.

The work has been designed to be slightly provocative in order to achieve maximum cut-through and shareability online, but we think it is very relevant to these exceptional times we’re all living through. This work is an evolution of the earlier ‘Upgrade your money’ message. Tally is encouraging all customers (both existing and new) that when it comes to your money, it’s time to Up(grade) yours.

We will be targeting specific audience segments online to grow the customer base and encourage you our existing customers, to increase the use of your Tally account.

Attached are the following links, one to a sample of the still images, and one to the first of the short videos.
Tally Up Yours - sample stills
Tally Up Yours vid1

It’d be great to hear your thoughts on this and will share new executions with you all as they become available. And if you really like what you see, please share the blog:
Tally Up Yours - blog

Stay well and Up yours!




Looks good and should be rolled out,
I would like to ask which segment of prospective customers this is aimed at ?

A few minutes video of a person actually explaining what people get from Tally as USP which isnt available anywhere else would really PUSH the download

This video can be made on this website, put an Advert for people to record a script and they will send you.
You can post the ad for free and ask a few different people to record a script from their home, for Free and many will do it as inspiring models./artists who are just building up their portfolio.

You can actually choose the people who fit your current target audience, be it a person of certain age, one who looks like a smart, savvy, finance expert, etc etc.

This by itself is marketing, you can pay the contributor in Tally to spend :slight_smile:

Give it a try, its pretty easy stuff.

Hope that helps

Amusing, and different. I think, once seen by someone it will be memorable and spark curiosity to investigate further in quite a broad range of ages.

I like it :+1:t2:


Agreed - it resonates, looks great of course people are entitled to see it differently.

Good job team tally IMO!

It’s more attention grabbing than the typical boring bank advert that’s for sure …but not I’m sure the older existing & potential customers will be to keen if I’m honest but I guess it’s aimed at the younger generation.


Regarding the sample stills, I think the one containing a fist should be avoided. It seems too political in my opinion, and can also be related to genuine political movements, in which not all may agree with. I think the “Up yours” slogan is enough to induce provocativeness, and therefore the use of a fist is really not necessary. However, I am in favour of the transition from “Up yours” to “Upgrade”, that I like very much.

Hope all is keeping well and safe.


I’ll be honest I don’t think the term ‘Up Yours’ is going to appeal to that many females. Not if this is to be a serious, widely rolled out project. And outside of UK/IRE and Aus/NZ it means nothing.

Feels like a Paddypower lads-banter approach. While I have no inherent problem with it per se I assume Tally wants to encourage women of all age groups to the product. It could work, but not sure this is the best way to go about it tbh? But what do I know.

Up yours will alienate many walks of life…its offensive to many, “Funk You” sounds better and it sends a message of “Funking” Funk up your money with Tally…sound much better and cooler for young and old

Bollocks to Brexit was not offensive to females (or the majority of voters) then? It’s catchy and thought provoking - that’s good.

I think if we need to be careful not to get bogged down in to much political correctness here as just about anything anyone says is nowdays taken as offensive by someone or other. We can’t afford to waste time messing about rewording everything we come up with just to Avoid upsetting the wishy washy PC brigade. Let’s crack on.


It’s not ‘wishy washy’ PC to assume that life does more than just blokes who like pub banter. This is a serious product trying to appeal to a cross section and all ages of people. I’d have thought.

And Bollocks To Brexit was only ‘not offensive’ to females who were already onboard the anti-Brexit bandwagon to begin with, so were happy to bandy about such childish stuff. Nobody else got asked what they thought. I know many women (and men) who didn’t care for that sort of talk. But it’s a totally different ballgame. We’re not talking about politics with a neutral, money-related product. It’s comparing apples to oranges.

I’m not saying people need to get offended, just that I don’t personally think it’s the best pick for a slogan. We were asked our opinions and I answered.

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I don’t like the wording on this new advert. Economists and banks both agree that gold IS money, currency is not money, currency is a debt instrument.

One of the most commonly quoted (although slightly wrongly apparently) phrases people will come across when researching gold, banking, currency and money is…

Gold Is Money, Everything Else Is Credit” attributed to JP Morgan

This new advert contradicts this.

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Hi @JonnyE this video was put up in error (the solution screen should be about gold not inflation). I’ll put up the latest creative in a post in a minute. Regards

Hi All, thanks for all of your comments regarding the first video and still image for Tally’s Up Yours! creative.

Please click on the link below to view our next video in the Up yours! series.

Hope you like it, but if you don’t, we welcome hearing your comments too.


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Hi @cameron-tally do you need someone to help you out with your Instagram? The amount of followers you have is dreadful after all this time.

Please let me know if so, can put you in touch with someone who is good at this.

Personally I prefer to avoid any negative connotations in advertising and stick to positive messages and imagery. But then I don’t understand what the target market is you are going for here.