Entry of Purchase Under "High Seas Sale Agreement" And Purchase Under "Bond Transfer" in Tally

B Ltd in India is importing Material from A Ltd in Singapore. B Ltd sells
these material Under High Seas Sale Agreement to C Ltd in India. B Ltd
raises commercial Invoice on C Ltd. and C Ltd. makes Payment to B Ltd. How
C Ltd. will account this purchase in Tally Prime in GST?

Can you please email support@tallymoney.com so we can discuss the way you wish to use your Tally account.

where is the link for the shareholder q&a

I’m trying to take money from my tally account and it’s not allowing me to do so

Hi Ilona,

I can see a member of the team came back to you on this but you have not gone back to them on this matter, please do so and we will be able to help in more detail.