Fin tech Banking Disruptors!

Are there some elements of “this” fin tech company we could eventually adopt!

I like especially the opportunity to buy fractional shares in companies with high individual share prices, such as Apple, Amazon and the likes of Berkshire! ( using SoFi invest!)

And they call their customers “members”

It could get very interesting as we progress!



To me, this is an example of everything that is wrong with the current financial system, another way to milk the last dregs of fiat from people who can’t afford it. It smacks of the way poor people were sold sub prime mortgages they couldn’t afford just to keep fiat flowing in to the system to support the debt, we all know how that turned out… It’ll be worth watching what happens here but I wouldn’t touch anything like it with a barge pole.


If you can’t afford a Range Rover Sport you buy something cheaper, not a Range Rover Sport steering wheel. The idea is just crazy.