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One of the most annoying things now, with my Tally is, I have no idea where I stand as far as being up or down in fiat terms. What percentage has my balance increased or decreased and by how much in fiat?

Is this feature coming in an update soon?

"Tech expectations, especially among younger customers, are sky-high. They don’t just want to see their balances, they want charming tools that help them interrogate their finances, aid budgeting, and even algorithms to help them save automatically. Some old banks are trying to introduce this, but they aren’t nimble enough.


Pitty JonnyE wasn’t running the show !


Oh I don’t think you’d want that stix… Although, it would definitely change a few minds and help us all to appreciate the ones that are running it a bit more, after experiencing me at the helm :joy:

@JonnyE apologies for the radio silence. Our product team has been slightly depleted with holidays. We are busy bolstering the team with more resource.

Our prime focus to date has been stability and performance. This work is paramount for us to scale and we will continue to work on this. We are still a very lean operation on product which means that when we have to do the “not so sexy” stuff it’s all hands on deck.

That being said in the coming months our focus will be more feature led and you will begin to see some bits that fall in line with the feedback you and many others have been providing. Thanks for the continued feedback. Please keep it coming.


Hi @damon-tally what’s the situation with the safes feature, is it any closer to release I’m assuming you may have had some problems with it?

Hi Damon, the app is loading the transaction list at the moment, a bit slow but it does load.

Regarding the search, I’ve played about with it searching for various transactions and it does find them, however it appears to register the space as a character and with a lot of searches it will show a list, but if I put a space after the first word ready to type the next word but see the list has populated so assume I don’t need to add another word, when i press enter to get rid if the keyboard and scroll through the list, the list usually defaults back to the main transaction list. Accidentally pressing the space before any search term will return no results, just the main transaction list.

Searching for a space on its own, strangely results in transactions grouped by the day but shows each transaction twice or more… :exploding_head:

Hi @Sb990 it will be the next big thing we work on. Like I say the focus is on stability but we will absolutely get to the savings proposition.

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Thanks @JonnyE we will explore this asap!

Just my small wish list:

To be able to use Tally for day to day banking:

  1. Direct debit
  2. Cheque and money in (monese.com does it who also have a money license)
  3. International money transfer.

Another features:

Business accounts
P2P lending and borrowing.


Thanks @MadDog99 this is really helpful, alot of which has been reported by many others and is captured in our backlog. When we get over the optimisation work we’re busy cracking into, we cannot wait to get stuck into things like this.

Just R:E 2. Is this regarding paying in cheques?

Hi Damon
Not sure if this was ever answered but I think being able to bank cheques would be a good feature too. I know Starling bank do this as I opened an account with them recently and deposited one from home. VERY EASY. I believe they also use Railsbanks platform so hope Tally can do it sometime in the future (although understandably not the highest priority at the moment).

Hi Mike thanks for this. If I’m totally honest, it’s very unlikely that we will have this feature any time in the future. If we start to see a massive spike in requests for it, then obviously it’s something that we wouldn’t ignore. I may be totally wrong and please do correct me if I am, I’d say it’s unlikely that this is a feature which many users would like to see.

I have to disagree. It’s one feature I look for in a bank when switching. If they can’t deposit cheques via their app then I won’t use them.

Put it this way, why do you want to make your app feature lite? Give some added value to it to draw people in.


Thanks @b1gdeano. We do have to be careful of “featuritus” i.e. piling on features in product that are not widely need or adopted. But… we have to test thing thinking first. So like I say, we’ll research this heavily with our existing users (and people who are no yet users), and ascertain whether there is a need for this.

Was just wondering that tally used to have a topup by card option as coming soon now theres no mention of it. if would’ve really helped if the card opiton was made available

Thanks @mujtaba we’ll capture this for you on the product.tallymoney.com board

I want you to sort the issues with the system gents. Every other payment I send to my tally account is having a problem and I end up having to message Kris to get it sorted so I can use my money. It always is sorted and quickly so no problem there. But at the end of the day as a customer I don’t want to be having to get in touch with you every week because a payment has gone wrong again. You’ve got to make it more reliable. My payments come from a first direct bank account by the way so it’s a proper bank and there shouldn’t be an issue.


As above. Needs addressing asap.

Didn’t happen on the last version, but pretty much all the while on this one. Needs to be sorted out.

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