First deposit!

Hi Kris

Yesterday, made my first deposit!

At first on my screen, it’s not that clear how to start to buy ( found it in the FAQ section!)

I know it was a Sunday, but very surprised to get a phone call from Nat West fraud department, saying they were holding my transfer request!

After checking that I had in fact made the request myself, they asked if the account was legit, my laptop wasn’t being controlled by an outside source!

All in all it was a disquieting experience, is there anyway this particular element of the process could be tightened up to make it a more enjoyable experience to buying Gold!



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Hi Graham,

This is something we have had a few times by a selection of different banks. Sadly this is out of our control. Different banks have varying rule sets to capture their customers transactions and pass them through their fraud checks.


Thanks Kris!

Good luck with the upgrades!