Forums word colour coding!

Could I kindly make a recommendation!

On the forums layout it’s a struggle to read some of the words in yellow! ( mainly on iPhone)

I realise it’s a sort of corporate theme, but when you have to strain to see where to press, it can be slightly frustrating!

So my suggestion would be, for the words in yellow boxes should be black!

Words in purple boxes should be white!

Yellow words with no boxes on a white background should be a darker yellow to stand out!

Only my thoughts as we progress!!


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You can try the dark theme in your profile settings, might help.

Hi JonnyE

already on it !

and yes recently had my eyes tested!!!

Must just be a age thingy!!!


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@Pinecone this has been now been fixed :+1:

Thanks Damon

That’s so much better… for my eyes and hopefully others on here!



I am waiting for an update to the App and the ability to delete Payees, I have some mistakes made with wrong info for payees and I can`t get rid of them, other than that it is just a great experience.

Hi Iceman

Best to put your point across using feedback but under new topic heading, I’m sure they will give you a positive reply in due course!


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@iceman it is annoying that you can’t delete. I find it annoying too. Rest assured we’re fixing this in the next version. Pleased to hear that you’re finding the rest of the product a great experience. Get excited. The new app is brewing.

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