Version 3.11

Bit of feedback.

The chart is a nice touch and works well, would be nice to be able to dismiss the huge white text box though or not have the text in the white box, it doesn’t look nice.

The transaction list population is much better now, shows more transactions much faster.

I now have one payee with a personalised icon in my payee list, however the icon doesn’t show for him in the transactions list as none of the others do and there is still no historical payee transactions.

Is it just my phone that now displays everything bigger in the last two updates, all the fonts etc… are bigger, it doesn’t look so good now.

The pin keypad is still extremely slow to do its job and search still doesn’t work.

Not sure if they were there before and I just didn’t notice but there seems to be some nice subtle transition effects on there when opening and closing transactions and apart from the pin keypad it all seems smooth and quick.

That is strange JonnyE because on my iphone after the previous update all my fonts are much smaller, I preferred them a little larger.

Looks like you’ll have to buy an android phone then and I’ll have to… put up with what I have :joy:

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Now there’s a thought. :rofl:

Thanks for the feedback @JonnyE. Dismissing is a nice idea for those that have seen it and wish not to. We may look into this. Strange that everything is bigger. Can you send a screenshot in a dm please?

@iceman do you have the larger font size settings swtiched on in your accessibility settings on your iPhone? We’ve had to disable these working as it was causing some issues for alot of users. Many banking apps also don’t support this but we will come back and do the work to get this working across iOs and Android

Hi Damon.
Yes it is switched on for my phone.
It is viewable but quite tiny.

Notifications aren’t working again, I transferred some funds on Saturday and it went in sometime today but didn’t get notified of the deposit.

I transferred £200 from Starling yesterday at 20.42 and it was in my Tally account at 20.43 that was outstanding speed.

Yea, I’ve had transfers appear very fast before, It was just feedback about the lack of notifications again rather than the transfer speed.

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Just transferred from Starling this morning at 11-05 appeared in my account at 11-07.
Fantastic speed plus a notification a was nearly as quick.

Are you on the beta app?

I am using the latest Test Flight update.

@JonnyE are you not receiving any push notifications at all?

Not sure, As far as I know I haven’t need to have had any other than the deposit… I’ll use the card later and let you know if I get one from that.

Thanks @JonnyE appreciate that.

Not sure if I have the new version as I can no longer enter my account, it asks for phone number then 4 digit code then just shuts down… I haven’t used it in a while because constant issues have dented my confidence

Well I used the card a couple of times today and did get notifications so maybe it was just that deposit. :+1: