Issue with font colour in payment screen

Not sure since when this is occuring but when I go to payee tab and run through a transfer the font is white on the white background so it’s invisible

You can highlight the text to see it, so it is there but the colour needs changing to black.

I wouldn’t hold your breath, I mentioned this on the 24th May.


Well there has just been an app update that’s changed the colour scheme a bit but has now lost all my transaction history. Gone. Vanished.

My transaction history went before the update, could you update when yours comes back. I’ve been checking mine now and then but nothing yet.

Mine was there before. And it was there after briefly. It kept throwing up “something went wrong” errors then closed itself. Opened up and “you have no transactions” it’s silly these things still happening with the app.

If only they had set up a beta testing programme, all these problems could have been put right before hitting mainstream users.

Oh wait!


My transaction list has returned. Just appeared again.

Came back for me too, couple of card transactions missing details but other than that its better

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