Google Ad


In respect of your google add, I would have no idea what service you provide unless I knew about the Company - you are wasting money with this.

Also looking at your T and C’s I see there is a valentine days offer (your t and C’s were updated 2 March yet this and a previously expired offer are listed still) - I have no recollection of this being advertised anywhere.



Why no mention of Tally being backed by physical gold? Is not that a distinguishing feature from other money transfer schemes?

Hi @Carolwhiteshusband @Arachnid, firstly sorry for the delay in getting back to you on this I saw this and notified the team, as I waited for a response from them I got steam rolled with other things and did not send my reply to you.

I can confirm that this was set up as a test and should not have been made live, the person who set this up did not inform anyone it was live and was stopped once we found out and we thank you for this.
We now have ads running across a number of different platforms which are what we want to say.