It’s a real shame this product isn’t progressing as we all expected. The idea was game changing, if not totally unique.

I have listed numerous bugs and suggestions since the beginning and then relisted numerous bugs on the newer version of the app, 90% of which are still there after nearly 2 years.

As I’ve said before, we are all bored and frustrated with the glacially slow progress of product development let alone the elusive crowd fund and listing, but as I’ve also said before, my opinion is the app is still not ready for mass adoption unless the company are ready for huge numbers of complaints, questions and requests for even the most basic of features for a product like this. Tally in its current form is useful for a gold backed savings account, but nothing else. Again, as mentioned numerous times over the last few years, Tally does not keep a tally of the gold/fiat comparison in my account. I have no idea how much fiat I have deposited, how much the balance has changed due to the rise/fall in gold price, I have no idea if I spend using the card I am losing due to a drop in gold price or am I gaining because I’m spending at a higher gold price than when I deposited. I don’t know my average buy in price or my average sell/spend price. So I simply don’t use the card as a rule.

To keep a tally of my tally I need to do it myself on a spreadsheet, which I don’t have the time or inclination to do, so I don’t generally use it other than as deposit and leave.

I have just noticed what looks like yet another bug. Having set up a saving safe to see how it works, I transferred just over half my balance into the safe, where it has been left ever since. Having just logged into my account (and waited the standard 20 seconds for it to open after putting in my pin), I noticed the monthly Tally fee… Which is roughly half of my usual fee… It appears the amount in the safe is not being taken into account when charging the fee. Is holding in the safe, fee free? Or is this another bug? Or am I just being dumb?

Regarding the new terms and new friends and family not having to pay £20 for the first 12 months, where is the incentive for the current tally holders to promote Tally? What do they get out of it, am I missing something?

People expect, and receive more from financial apps these days, unfortunately this app still fails to deliver in my opinion. It does the bare bones with a few bugs thrown in, nothing more.

I haven’t yet written off my investment in Tally but if things don’t improve considerably in the next 6 months, I’ll empty my account into a similar one by a different company or just convert to physical gold and simply forget about this app. Which would be a shame as I really like the idea.


I wouldn’t expect a reply JonnyE.

The company don’t engage with any criticism, constructive or otherwise.

They should though. They need to listen to things like this and adapt and fix.


“the app is still not ready for mass adoption unless the company are ready for huge numbers of complaints, questions and requests for even the most basic of features for a product like this”

This is a difficult one Jonny as I’m invested in another early stage company who built their staff level up to in the region of 20 and prepared for the rush of business which never came. So in a way it’s like putting the cart before the horse. So they ended up in a difficult position with large monthly overheads in the form of wages and hardly anyone using their product, which meant staff were probably sat making cups of tea all day instead of working.

Cameron seems to give the impression he knows what he’s doing with his ‘corporate strategy’ in which he is working towards.

Call me old fashioned but revenue streams (or potential revenue streams) are pretty much the primary area in which investors and the like are going to be looking at when they invest, whether that be someone on SEEDRS or an institutional investor. Money makes the world go round.

On the flip side, perhaps SEEDRS are that regimented with how many they let into their platform on any given month, perhaps Cameron is fed up at the fact he can’t live up to his pledges because of things which are out of his control.

I must say having read the recent Q&A that the tone of it was a little more sombre than previous ones. I think old Cameron is frustrated as well. At least we get a break from Tally for a month lol until the next Q&A

There is a world of opportunity for this. Why can’t they start to do what Colonel Gadaffi proposed and sack off the local fiat currency (or in his case the US dollar) and revert back to the gold standard and start building some sort of financial ecosystem on top of it. There must be some businesses who would be keen to jump on board.

What’s most frustrating for me is I’ve got friends who have been asking me about my investment here and I said it was going on SEEDRS in April, for then it to not be on there, it makes me look a bit silly doesnt it, so Cameron must be feeling the same but on a greater magnitude.


I agree with what you’ve said, but to clarify my statement, I meant they should sort the app out, it is the priority and focus of the whole business model, the app should be receiving the most financial focus to make it feature rich, smooth, quick, bug free and able to keep a tally of the tally and fiat comparisons. It needs to satisfy those most interested in their exact financial position and those who just want to deposit and hold.

I don’t want them wasting our investments in Tally just to hire staff to deal with numerous complaints just because the app isn’t good enough and doesn’t provide the most basic of financial information.

“If you build it they will come” but they will soon leave if it’s not built good enough.


Hi @JonnyE thanks for your comment. I’ve shifted this over to the #bug-reports so that I can keep a track of the conversation here. I wasn’t alerted to your message as it was tagged in #shareholders shareholders. We are so very keen to hear about all issues and ideas. @JonnyE JonnyE as mentioned previously I’m keen to talk to you more often so that we can ensure these issues don’t continue to crop up. I’ve left you a voicemail and I will also email you shortly.

I and the wider team really appreciate the feedback here, as we can’t possibly optimise the experience without knowing what our customers are experiencing. The focus is absolutely on giving our customers the best experience in-app, from reducing bugs to enhancing features. The laser focus is on 2 big items. The release of our gain indicator/chart and the release of multiple accounts. Beyond that, we continue to make sure that we give the best possible onboarding experience. We have initiatives in play that will optimise this further.

Our gain indicator and gain charts will allow customers to see their historic gain / loss and will result in those currently recording on spreadsheets to ditch this. It’s a very process intensive calculation that we continue to work on and should have up and running by the end of this quarter.

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Hi Damon

I didn’t receive an email, I did have a voice mail but there was no sound on it so I don’t know if it was from you or not.

All the bugs and suggestions I mention are listed in a few emails sent to the support email since the first beta app launch, or in posts on here, if you’re unable to locate them let me know. I must admit my enthusiasm has waned somewhat over the last couple of years with little visible progress and the constant non answers and missed, self imposed deadlines.

Having spoken to you in the past I am aware of your enthusiasm (or atleast you were at the time) but I am also aware how business work and how unaware of the bigger picture 99% of the people working somewhere are.

I’ve always been totally behind Tally but from what I’ve read and what has been said (or not said) in the monthly Q&A’s am beginning to think it will fail within the next 2 years for one reason or another. Hopefully im wrong.

I look forward to seeing the updates you have in the pipeline, but as I said, I think the development team have been starved of the funding to progress at the speed needed these days, the business is the app, and without the app being best in class there is no business, gold is a hard enough sell to most people and always has been, its even harder now with crypto being mainstream, if this app isn’t interesting, engaging, informative, visually appealing, more responsive and easy to use it’s dead. 3 years is far too long to build a fanincial app. A perfect example being, I mentioned being able to buy Tally with crypto currency in the last crypto bull run when it was still looked at as ‘rat poison squared’, it has gone through the bear market and now in a bull market being adopted by just about every financial institution known by the average person, yet tally is basically still where it was back then, from what we can see, and I can only go by what we can see. Anything that has been said has not actually happened as far as the business behind the app.

I’m into crypto and gold, I’m happy to have physical gold but I like the idea of what Tally could be… Time will tell if it’s worth keeping it in Tally or physical.


@JonnyE can you send a throw away e-mail address please.

Yea can do, I’ll sort one out over the weekend and reply here with it.

Hi, here’s an email address temptally@outlook.com :slight_smile:

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Hi Damon

Just a query really, about 6 months ago I started using a de-googled android from e foundation. I was able to download the Tally app from the store on there and it worked fine, then about 3 or 4 updates ago it stopped working and I had to download it on a standard android. I am still able to use several other banking apps, just not Tally.

Are you aware of the change that was made back then that would stop it working and if so, will it ever work again on this phone? Its not the end of the world, just a bit annoying and there’s no rush for an answer I’m just curious.

The phone is from https://e.foundation/ in case you’re not aware of them.


Hi @JonnyE

Hmm that’s interesting. We haven’t ammended anything at our end that would have incurred this change.

I haven’t heard of e.foundation, to be honest, whilst there isn’t a great deal we can do to stop third parties picking up the .apk and publishing it we don’t have the scope to support this.


No problem, I just had a look at a few apk mirror sites and was able to find the likes of monzo, NatWest, Barclay’s etc. but no sign of Tally apk anywhere.

When you say you don’t have the scope to support this, do you mean, the scope to stop the apk being accessible or you don’t have the scope to share the apk for me to download directly?

Either way, not a problem but it would be handy if I could installed from an apk directly if you have a link to it. :smiley:

Hi Damon,
I have a few bugs with the tally App.

  1. The transaction maps no longer appear
  2. When the monthly charges are applied they do not look at the money in a savings account so all users could keep the bulk of their money in a savings account to keep their monthly charges down. not sure if this is deliberate or not?
  3. My physical card doesn’t all ways tap on card machines maybe 1 or 2 times out of 10 (perhaps it is just worn out)
  4. When transferring cash between the savings account and working account it never gives the true amount i.e. £400 transfers as £401.00 out and £100 becomes £99.75 in, not a big issue but just annoying.

Thanks @Hovis this is really helpful. All very valid issues that I am keen to make sure are resolved asap.

I was just having a look around the new site to see where the new videos are as they don’t seem to be on YouTube. Might be worth spending a few minutes setting up playlists for the videos, a small thing but looks more professional. Also, ensuring the new ones are on there, and visible.

The new site looks simple and easy to understand which is definitely a good thing.

Website 404 errors.

Tally | Save smarter with Tally > Get Tally link = 404 error

Tally | Save smarter with Tally > Start saving = 404 error

Tally | Save smarter with Tally > Open a safe link = 404 error

Problem is with the double links, https://www.tallymoney.com/www.tallymoney.com/get

As far as the app bugs go, same as always really.

Once the tally logo drops away, it takes far too long for the pin pad to show up.

Once the pin is entered, it takes far too long for the app to open.

Search doesn’t work.

Retailer icons don’t show.

Retailer location map doesn’t show.

Payee transactions activity/history doesn’t show. Would be nice to see the transactions history, and also a total of what has been sent to them.

Populating the main transaction list when scrolling to the bottom takes too long.

If it helps with the bug fixing, I just noticed that the Tesco icon does show but none of the others, the location map still doesn’t show though.

Are these bugs just on my phone or are they still part of the app generally?

I seem to remember reading about work being done to get an affiliate link for sharing and promoting Tally, is this a thing, and if so when can it be expected?

I recently had to have my middle name added to my tally account so it would marry up with my details on Coinbase, once added everything was fine. The problem with not having my middle name was due to a security/ID concern, which is fine… But now when I send an invite, it shows my full name including my middle name which is a security concern. I am hoping the affiliate program is something in the works and if it is, it won’t show my full name. As it stands, I don’t send out invites due to the middle name issue.

The affiliate link is something I want to add to a website to promote tally in first place above a few others offering similar products with affiliate links.


A quick follow up to the previous post, having looked back through Cameron’s intro on the last Q&A he said this.

We continue the build of our B2B “Teco” banking platform and aim to have new B2C customers using this by the end of Q3 and following that will migrate across all customers in Q4

Can we assume this means the current version of the app is going away and a much improved version 3 is being built which we will all be using in Q4?

Is that the reason this current version 2 has never had the bugs fixed since launch, even though we keep giving feedback about them?

I’m not on any ‘social’ media nowadays so may have missed any posts explaining this, although I haven’t received any emails about it.

Reporting bugs on the tally app and website is like…



@JonnyE please accept my apologies for the late reply to the bug issues posted. My notifications are clearly not working as I’m generally across this, replying to any posts in here. I will look into this as a matter of urgency and ensure that it’s not just me being notified of issues.

We will look into these issues and ensure that we recreate and fix in a timely manner so that you and other customers can continue to have a much better experience.


Not so much a bug, even though it bugs me.

Hi @damon-tally

As mentioned before, I’m using a degoogled phone, the main reason I use this is to avoid as much privacy invasion, tracking and adverts as possible from the likes of google and Facebook.

Having recently installed an app called tracker control, I can see all the companies that each app contacts when used, amongst other things, and I’m able to block a lot of this unwanted tracking.

Having now been able to download the tally app to this phone, I can see tracker libraries for facebook analytics, Facebook login, and Facebook share.

With Facebook being the world’s worst company as far as privacy invasion, why is this part of the tally app when there appears to be no Facebook integration in the app.

I don’t like the idea of anything Facebook involved in a financial company that I bank with and tally is the only one where this shows to be the case.

Could you explain why its there?
Why you think its needed (it clearly isn’t as I’ve blocked it and the app still works).
Will sharing our data with facebook always be part of the app.

Many thanks.


Hi @JonnyE I will message you separately to pick this up so I can get a deeper understanding of what’s happening.