Outgoing transfer fails. Stuck on outbound ledger

A few weeks ago I attempted 2 transfers from my account. Both times it said the transfer had failed and to try again. However, when I went into my transactions it showed both transfers as “completed”.

After a couple of hours, the funds hadn’t arrived in the destination account so I contacted support. I was told that “the funds got stuck on an outbound ledger at the time of the attempted transaction”. The funds were recredited to my account and were sent on with no further issues.

Today, this has happened again. Although this time no one has got back to me via email. It’s very concerning that the money can just seemingly vanish. I appreciate that it is still within your system, but if the money was being sent to pay a bill or similar, I might have no idea that it had not been received for days. It makes me wary to use the account at all.

Can you say if this issue is being looked at? And also respond to my email?


@welshguy99 we were experiencing transfer delays yesterday and your transfer should be resolved but if it is not please do come back into support@tallymoney.com so we can look into this for you.