Won’t let me log in

Hello, I need to log into my account and access my money and it’s not letting me log in keeps saying internet connection failed or something and there isn’t anything wrong with my internet but can you sort this out for me please.

Please email support@tallymoney.com so we can investigate this in more detail if you have not done so already.

I have several times but it’s got my money in that I need for work like and for some reason it just keeps coming up internet connection failed like the number for tally doesn’t work what’s going on?

If you have done, the team will come back to you on this matter and investigate what is happening.

Have you tried updating the app?

Yes the apps been updated and re-downloaded I need access too my account and money I’ve had too miss a days work today because of this

Do you have any privacy/ad blocking apps on your phone that could be causing the issue?

I would class this app as still in Beta stage due to all the bugs, its ok for savings but not something that can be used as a daily account, or to be relied on 100%.

Hi all, this is a bug the team are currently working on. As soon as this is resolved I will put a comment on here as well.

Any update @kris-tally? I havent received any further emails after the one yesterday.

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Is this bug only on certain devices? I’m using an e.foundation degoogled android, and it still opens as usual.

I dont use mine a great deal, but i can log in and check balance etc. Would have been nice to get further emails if problem has been resolved.