Payment issues

Are there ongoing issues with payments to and from Tally?

Twice I have sent someone money and both times it hasn’t arrived for days with the last one still outstanding.

My partner also deposited money and it hasn’t arrived in her tally account.

I am also currently unable to login to the app -something has gone wrong is all it says.

These issues are becoming Far too regular with no updates from the business. It’s really not good enough.

Two emails to tally support also been ignored.

Hi @b1gdeano as per my update we are still in the process of refactoring our entire tech stack. We’re in a very manual world right now, but when this work is complete we will be in a far better position to be proactively letting customers know when we experience any kind of outage.

Can we expect an update this week? Is the app progressing as expected and able to on board new users without problems are the expected features ready and in the next update? … Does this mean it’s ready for crowdfund with this next update?

@JonnyE we’re pushing to release early next week. There are some other little gems in there with more on the way.