App keeps crashing

Hi, I’m in Thailand atm and my app keeps crashing. Unfortunately the first time was when I was just about to buy something but couldn’t log on to unlock my card so had to use a different card! and again this morning… I’m on holiday in Asia for a couple months is this likely to keep happening?

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Not working in the uk as well. Hopefully someone will be up soon to fix it ! 5.30 uk time.

Yup.Cant login, or use passcode to access site.

Me too. Let’s hope it’s something to do with migrating to the new app.

No problem with my Tally App working as normal.

Hi all,

Thank you for letting us know you are experiencing some issues. We are aware of this and are looking into this issue.

Can confirm I have the issue too. Tried to log in and passcode not accepted, couldn’t use username and password either, then when attempted to reset password I didn’t get any verification email etc to do so

Hi everyone,

This matter has now been resolved and everyone should be able to login to their accounts. If you are still experiencing issues please email so we can assist in more detail.


Did this issue affect deposits at all? I had sent some more money into my tally account just before realising there was an issue with the app. I’m assuming deposits were unaffected?

@b1gdeano the issues was with just being able to get into the app and not with deposits. If you email in we will be able to look into this in more detail for you.


No need to email in. I was just curious as to how far spread the issue was. If deposits were unaffected then no bother. Good to have it here instead of via private email so anyone can see if it they were interested in the same query.