An Explanation from Tally

Thank you for your explanation that has just been emailed.

Quite a shame the words sorry for the inconvenience we’ve caused you or for sending you 8 new prepaid cards through the mail weren’t included.

An idea going forward could be to have a live chat function in the app to get help. This Would save customers getting frustrated at having to wait at least 2 working days for a reply to something which can be sorted out in minutes or a telephone line which somebody actually answers.

When is the app likely to be a finished product?

A great explanation, so easy for us to criticize as we can just sit back moan with no real idea what actual difficult work goes into the App.
I will now moan less but maintain my right


I wouldn’t even know how to start to build an app and the stresses that come with it. They are human and appreciate that. It’s just so frustrating waiting to gets funds credited to your account for 2 days when you’re waiting on them.

Yes agreed was a great e-mail. Was clear even to an Amstrad user like me!

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All quiet on the Western Front at the moment.

Of course this is meant in jest

On a positive note, at least when I type ‘Tally Money’ into google, it stops coming up with “did you mean totallymoney



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This is no lie I’ve been trying to get £100 out of tally for over a month!

I’ve been told my cards expired and they dont know why it says that when it happens
been told my money has bounced back with no explanation when ive sent to my own bank accounts in my name
everyday is a challenge to try and get my own money from them and its incredibly stressfull

the email help isnt help at all!
i need this sorting today!!


Hi @Lmiddleton5
We are waiting on one of our tech providers to come back to us on your issue and once they have we will let you know via your email thread.

Hello kris

I’m not getting replies on emails now since a week ago.

Multiple payments I’ve sent to my own bank about 6 days ago not recieved nor have they bounced back!

Also the ongoing over a month issue I can’t get my funds out of my account still haven’t recieved an explanation or an update, how has this issue took almost two months?

Truly sickening This whole experience

Hi @Lmiddleton5
We are waiting on one of our tech providers to come back to us on your issue and once they have we will let you know via your email thread.

Kris you’ve give me That same answer for a month and began ignoring my emails, please can I have a contact number of a manager there because i aren’t just going to allow you to keep my money

We are waiting on one of our tech providers to come back to us on your issue and until this point, we can not provide you with any more information. I have also raised your complaint with the relative person on this matter.

So I’m now just suppose to wait weeks for an answer after waiting 2 months

Where are the 4 payments I made last week? You surely can get an answer on that because they have not reached the destination and haven’t come back to tally


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Sounds more like an issue with your bank.

Don’t be ridiculous I’ve got about 4 bank accounts and transfer money between them regularly

The fact they haven’t give me a reason why the funds haven’t come back to my tally or haven’t gone in my bank is quite concerning and it’s been 3 weeks

The bank has said no payments have been made to them

For everyone’s general understanding, banking regulations, which pertain to all transactions including things like payments in error through to fraud prevention and anti-money laundering provisions, can sometimes cause delays in resolving transactional issues. Tally is, as are all providers of banking services, required to follow these protocols, including our banking tech partners. We appreciate this can be very frustrating for the banking customer when a transaction does not complete as expected, but we are not permitted to disclose detailed information.