Missing funds

I transferred £50 to my account on Tuesday 2nd June. It hasn’t been accounted for by Tally. Sent message from App on Wednesday 3rd June and received a reply asking for my Id etc. Sent it back Wednesday pm. No reply. Sent another message yesterday. Had a reply asking for same things again and saying they had never received my email from last Wednesday. Sent them again.
Now I can’t even login on App. Saying I need to select a country for mobile number when I already have done. It seems like my account has disappeared together with funds? Anyone else had any problems? Appreciate any feedback.

@Radarkin99 I responded to you email this morning but my system is showing you have sent nothing back as yet. Can you please reply in a new email with the details I asked for so I am able to help in ore detail.

I will send you another email in a few minutes. I replied to yours of this morning as soon as I had read it. 11.29.

Thank you. Everything now seems fine.

Glad to hear all is ok and sorry for the delay in everything.


My funds are missing aswell it’s been like 8hrs since faster payment

Hi - mine was finally sorted but it took over a week. I think there have been problems since the upgrade a couple of weeks ago. Contact the customer services people. They were helpful.